How to find tiny house community?

So, the tiny house movement has really gone into you and now you have shifted to a tiny house. But are you feeling lonely and being cast away? Then you are not alone. Many people who take that big step to move to a tiny house later faces dilemma and insecurity. They feel that people are laughing at them and their lifestyle. In such situation, it is better to live within a community so that you don’t feel discarded. There are various tiny house communities available now. Finding them can be a bit challenging. Here are some tips for you.

Join events, workshops, and seminars

The tiny house movement has been very popular and people are really talking about it. Events, workshops, and seminars are being held to educate people about this movement. You can join one of these and meet like-minded people. There you will find out if someone has already moved to a tiny house and where.

Various sites

Sites like are very useful. It’s a site that helps like-minded people to bond. You can visit this site and find out if there is any community for tiny houses. If not, then you can create one and wait for people to join the group. Other sites like provide useful information to connect the owners and builders of the tiny house. The site Tiny House Map provides an interactive map to find tiny houses for sale or rent.

Online forums

There are various online forums on tiny house movement. You can join those and start interacting with people. This way you will find those who have already moved to a tiny house.

So, it is actually not very tough to find an online community of tiny house. All you need to do is look for them actively and try to interact with people as much as possible.

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