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11/05/2012 - Tenner Programme Seeks New Sponsor

Enterprise UK is inviting expressions of interest from charitable organisations that would like to take over Tenner, the social enterprise programme for school children in the UK.

Enterprise UK founded the charity Tenner five years ago. The annual competition aimed to promote enterprise in schools across the UK.

School children were loaned a £10 note and challenged to make as much profit and social impact as possible through enterprising activities within 30 days. The children then returned the £10 note and could keep or donate whatever profit they made. Awards were given for the biggest social investment, the highest financial return and the best business idea.

Expressions of Interest will only be accepted from organisations interested in acquiring both the assets and liabilities of the Tenner programme.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be a charity established in the UK with a track record of sustainability and charitable objects compatible with those of Enterprise UK.
  • Be prepared to provide at least two years of audited accounts.
  • Show a track-record of co-ordinating, delivering and promoting enterprise culture, skills and education at a local and national level to young people and society generally. (The assessment will focus on the applicant’s ability to deliver in England but wider participation throughout the UK will be welcome.)
  • Demonstrate significant reach and impact.
  • Be prepared to provide evidence of their enterprise education, development and training programmes.

Applicants should be able to commence the next and fifth Tenner programme by Spring 2013 at the latest.

Enterprise UK said:

“Our wish is for Tenner to continue as a vibrant part of young entrepreneurship in the UK and we therefore look forward to a wide range of responses to the Invitation […].”

Bates Wells & Braithwaite London LLP (BWB) is handling the invitation to tender and all communication should be with them.

Further information, including an expression of interest form, can be found on the Enterprise UK website (opens new window).

The deadline for expressions of interest is 15 June 2012 (5pm).

Source: Enterprise UK, 11/05/2012

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